Alex Radford


English Solicitor and Spanish Lawyer

Real Estate, Commercial, International law & Personal Injury

Alex Radford is a Spanish lawyer and English Solicitor. Raised in the United Kingdom and Spain, Alex began his legal career in 1999 in a regional law firm located in Southwest England where he specialised in Real Estate and Corporate Law, as well as Personal Injury and Civil liability law.

In 2003, Alex returned to Spain as a Partner of a local law firm forming part of the Commercial and Real Estate Department and then moved to IRWIN MITCHELL Abogados in 2008 as Head of the Real Estate and International Department. After the merger between IRWIN MITCHELL Abogados and CREMADES & CALVO SOTELO Abogados, he continued to lead the Real Estate and Private Client Department. Afterwards, he founded this law firm with other colleagues from Irwin Mitchell Abogados, MLS LAWYERS & SOLICITORS, SLP.  Alex is a recognised expert in the Spanish Property market and European Timeshare Industry.

Alex is an elected member of the General Committee of the British Chamber of Commerce in Spain. Football agent governed by the English Football Federation. Solicitor of the High Court of Justice of England and Wales. Member of the Málaga Bar Association.

Isabel Pérez-Blanco Muñoz


International, Real Estate & Inheritance Law

Graduate in Law with specialisation in Community Law (University of San Pablo, CEU, Madrid 1993-1998) and Master’s Degree in Legal Advice for businesses (Instituto de Empresa IE, Madrid, 1999-2000).

Isabel began her professional career in Madrid as a legal advisor in the Spanish Association of Motor Vehicle Retailers (GANVAM, 2000-2003) until she moved to Málaga, where she began to practise law in a firm specialised in providing Real Estate Advice to foreign clients (V&O ABOGADOS, 2003-2005). Isabel continued her career in an international firm (LANDWELL ABOGADOS PWC, 2005-2006) where she focused on providing legal advice in the field of Real Estate Law, as well as Company and Town Planning Law. In 2006, Isabel started working for IRWIN MITCHELL Abogados, as an associate lawyer where she continued specialising in these areas. Isabel has acquired a profound knowledge of certain areas of English Law, particularly, Private International Law. After IRWIN MITCHELL Abogados merged with the Spanish firm, CREMADES & CALVO SOTELO, Isabel, together with other associate lawyers from IRWIN MITCHELL, decided to found the professional law firm MLS LAWYERS & SOLICITORS, S.L.P. where she has continued practising law in the above mentioned practice areas.

Isabel is a member of the Málaga Bar Association and has intervened as a speaker in conferences and seminars organised by Professional Associations, including the Law Society in London. She has also published articles and lectured in courses and workshops for the University of Málaga. Isabel continues the teaching aspect of her career from MLS LAWYERS & SOLICITORS, S.L.P.

Rosario Génova Alguacil


International, Litigation, Civil, Personal Injury & Family Law

Rosario is a law graduate from the University of Granada and a practising lawyer since 1996. She has developed her professional career in the areas of civil and commercial law, acting as a lawyer for various banking institutions in Spain. Before founding MLS LAWYERS AND SOLICITORS SLP, Rosario was Head of the Litigation Department of IRWIN MITCHELL Abogados and in CREMADES & CALVO SOTELO in Málaga following the merger between these firms.

Rosario’s experience covers litigation, real estate, international and family law. Rosario has great international experience in family law in relation with the distribution of assets following a divorce, prenuptial agreements, custody and visitation rights. Rosario regularly participates in international matters and is instructed by professionals from other countries in relation to recognition and enforcement of judgements in Spain, as well as to defend foreign interests in procedures before Spanish courts and the European Court of Justice at Luxembourg. In other jurisdictions, Rosario acts as an expert witness preparing reports on Spanish Law as evidence for proceedings pursued out of Spain.

She is a lecturer at the Universidad Internacional de Andalucía and was the coordinator for the Section on International Law of the Málaga Bar Association. Rosario has published various articles in the Expansion newspaper and has participated as a speaker in several international conferences and seminars.

Member of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP).
British and Spanish Law Association (BSLA).
Spanish Family Lawyers’ Association (AEAFA)

Carmen Blanco Vallejo


Labour & Commercial Law

Carmen is a law graduate from the University of Málaga (1992-1997) and received a prize for the best academic record of her year.

Carmen has worked as a lawyer for PricewaterhouseCoopers (1998-2013) in various offices (Sevilla, Madrid and Málaga) and has developed her professional activity in the area of commercial advice to businesses and particularly, in the area of labour legal advice and Social Security (regulatory framework, hiring, compensation systems, disciplinary regime, etc.)

Carmen also has experience as an insolvency administrator and has significant expertise in the insolvency labour area.

She is a fellow member of the Málaga Bar Association. Carmen has collaborated with the media (radio and press) responding to queries on labour consultancy sections and maintains a strong relationship as a lecturer of the University of Málaga and the Universidad Internacional de Andalucía.

Ángeles Sebastián

Angeles Sebastian abogada

Criminal & International Law

Ángeles is a law graduate from the Complutense University of Madrid and Doctor in Law, who dedicated her thesis to the study of the passive extradition in Anglo-Saxon countries. Ángeles is a fellow member of the Madrid Bar Association. Specialised in international legal cooperation in criminal matters and from 1986 to 2011, Ángeles was legal advisor for the Government of the United States in Spain.
Other areas in which Ángeles is specialised and has experience in are: the implementation of international treaties, immunities of sovereign states, the application of the law to non-residents, protection of victims of crime and transfer of prisoners serving sentences under international treaties.

Her experience also includes advising and reporting on the implementation of the instruments of mutual recognition in criminal matters within the scope of the European Union. Specifically, the request for issuance and enforcement of judgements relating to: European arrest warrant and delivery orders, freezing of assets and evidence, dissuasive sanctions, confiscation orders, custodial sentences or other measures involving the deprivation of liberty in the State of residence, obtaining evidence, documents and data at a European level, supervision measures as an alternative to prison in the State of residence and European protection order.

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